STP 2.0 Website Design

Recently, we are excited to launch the STP 2.0 official website. We would like to hear your comments and advice on our new website here! Excellent answers will be rewarded with STPT on


Is there any posibility to connect BlockZone with this new site? This could be good idea to see how much stpt you have

Saya sangat tertarik dengan hal yg baru walau itu terlihat aneh tapi sangat berguna Seperti di Sediakan nya Fitur giveaway & Fitur Live Komentar Sehingga anda dan kami bisa saling memberikan Masukan secara Real-time.

yes, that will be very good idea and transferring the account as is should be done

congratulations for launching the stp 2.0 official web. I hope that STP 2.0 can be used as a vehicle to generate crypto enthusiasts and build a bigger community. STP 2.0 can also be used to become a community home for social mining, it would be even better if you use a point system for ranking members / communities and also connecting to a wallet.