STP 2.0 - Submit your Proposals Here!

With the recent launch of STP 2.0, STP Network has combined with this new community governance mechanism. In this discussion, we would like to gather ideas from our community. Please share any thoughts, expectations and proposals about STP 2.0 with us! We will select excellent topics for broader community discussion and give creators STPT rewards!


BlockZone STPT rewards. Normaly we cant withdraw STPT award balance but my proposal is to fix that by turning on some feature or after making some deposit of STPT, award balance will be unlocked to withdrawal.


My second proposal is to change STPT from erc20 to bsc or trc protocol it should be better, faster and cheaper for all of us.


Maaf saya menggunakan bahasa Indonesia.

Berbicara tentang Cryptocurency artinya membahas internet yg mana Cryptocurency sangat membutuhkan Internal untuk mewujudkan apa yg kita inginkan Gagasan yg perlu anda bahas adalah Niat, Rencana dan tujuan STP di Ciptakan yg mana dengan hadirnya 2.0 Ini tidak termasuk dalam rencana STPT so ingin menjadi Crypto Ekosistem Atau Ingin menjadi Crypto Investasi Atau lebih Dari itu,Jangan Berpatok pada Rencana karna Internet Akan terus berkembang akan ada hal baru yg muncul jika kita lengah maka kita akan tertinggal bahkan akan di tinggal Investor.

Saya senang anda membuka pembahasan seperti ini Sehingga kami Investor dapat memberikan masukan karna kami berinvestasi di sini.

Ikuti tren Rencana pemasaran yg ada Untuk Menarik perhatian New Investor dan Kami memiliki bahan untuk di pasarkan.

Jika anda tidak keberatan saya ingin Berbicara melalui PM untuk membahas ini.

I feel that STP has lost the enthusiasm to develop and is increasingly being left behind by investors and enthusiasts. crypto and blockchain are increasingly in demand and are increasingly being used by people in the world. I hope that STP can use it to develop the platform and attract new investors in a way that is more up to date with current trends.

some suggestions from me:

  1. STPT should work with the BSC and Heco blockchains.
  2. develop a platform with better ivent and real rewards.
  3. Provide a more creative taks community to build a very efficient community and promotion.
  4. Make the platform more familiar with mobile app available on the Playstore.
  5. gave the name ivent presale which became a strong brand for STP.
  6. add social mining to the platform
  7. replace telegram admin who is more active and polite.

don’t be too easily satisfied with what you have achieved